Virtual Conference on  “Pandemic of Humanity: Memory, Creativity and Solidarity”

Call for Abstracts and Panel Proposals 
Virtual Conference on 
Pandemic of Humanity: Memory, Creativity and Solidarity
Host in Jakarta, 11-13 August 2021
Faculty of Arts and Humanities of Syarif Hidayatullah Islamic State University, Jakarta

Collaborating Partners 
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences UNSW, Peace Research Institute of Oslo, Faculty of Health Sciences of UIN Jakarta, Social Trust Fund of UIN Jakarta, and Journal of Insaniyyat, Buletin Al-Turas, and Journal Indo-Islamika

This conference of Pandemic of Humanity: Memory, Creativity, and Solidarity will invite scholars to discuss the current pressing issue on pandemic, such as the on-going Covid-19, and how humanities have responded to address this issue. We argue that the times of pandemic are not always about the gloom and doom. They are also the crucial moments to attest and evaluate how humanity has been progressing (or digressing). From scholarly perspective, the on-going pandemic, we argue, is a momentum to look back to humanities and other related studies and highlight the studies’ relevance to shed light on the complexity of pandemics and their multidimensional impacts. Against this backdrop, this peer review conference welcomes contributions in English and Arabic from all relevant academic disciplines in search of diverse patterns of pandemic of humanity.
Our view is that pandemic and humanity are two things that are intertwined to each other. Humanity, humanism, and humanitarianism with all their distinctions, we argue, turned out to be highly crucial in the efforts to deal with pandemics or disasters. By pandemic, we refer to the term as not only dealing with anatomical suffering, but also with nonphysical crisis covering social, political and economic aspects affecting an entire country, continent, or the whole world. This conference aims to explore human’s strivings to save lives against pandemics. They are ranging from digging histories on previous pandemics and the responses, to various recent innovations in medical technologies, transportation, education, religious interpretation and so on. Our objective is also to investigate solidarity or tension among wide-ranging actors that are not limited to government authorities and medical experts, but also broader civil society such as religious leaders and ordinary citizens in responding to pandemics.

Invited Speakers:
1. Prof Azyumardi Azra, CBE
2. Assoc Prof Minako Sakai
3. Dr Kaja Borchgrevink.

1. Prof Amelia Fauzia, PhD
2. Saiful Umam, PhD
3. Usep Abdul Matin, PhD.


The Conference Features Research Addressing the Following Topics:

  1. The Arts of Pandemic
  2. Disaster, Health Crisis and Solidarity
  3. Pandemic in the Past and Contemporary History
  4. Pandemic in Linguistic, Literature  and Politics
  5. Pandemic and Transformation of Library, Archive and Museum
  6. Pandemic, Language and Translation
  7. Pandemic, Humanitarianism and Religious Plurality
  8. Pandemic, Religion and Alternative Medication
  9. Pandemic and Practices of Islamic Philanthropy
  10. Pandemic, Business, Entrepreneurship and Communications

Special Panels:

  1. Muslim women economy and digital technology during Covid-19 Pandemic (with UNSW)
  2. Muslim philanthropy’s Response to Pandemic in Indonesia, Pakistan & Nigeria (with PRIO, Oslo)
  3. Humanitarianism and Covid-19: Reflection from Humanitarian organisations

Special Learning Sessions

  1. PhD candidate coaching clinics.
    Participants needs to register & write their abstract to by June 15, 2021
  2. Academic Journals’ Open House (and Editor Secrets)  (with Studia Islamika, Insaniyyat, Indo-Islamica, and Al-Turats).
    Participants need to register and write their article abstract at by June 15
  3. Editing and Publishing articles
    Participants need to register and write their article abstract at by June 15

Call for interests: 
We kindly invite scholars and researchers from any relevant discliplines to submit abstracts of your research to be presented at the Pandemic of Humanity Conference. Submissions are open to two categories, individuals and panels.

Individual abstract (research papers)

Participants should select one of the sub-themes and write an abstract (max of 300 words) and submit it to online form by May 31, 2021.

Panel proposal

Participants propose a panel’s title, a chair and a maximum of four speakers, and send the abstract proposal (maximum of 300 words) to by June 15, 2021. The proposal should include titles of each speaker and their cv.

Important Dates
Call for abstracts (individual/panel)   : March 15 – May 31, 2021
Due date for individual abstracts         : May 31, 2021
Due date for panel abstracts                 : June 15, 2021
Paper Acceptance Announcement       : June 30, 2021
Confirmation for participation             : July 10, 2021
Conference event                                     : 11-13 August, 2021

Presentation Participation fees (and benefit)
Note: Presenters will receive feedback from chair/panellist, receive certificates of participation, receive feedback and consultation for PhD writing and research, get a chance for publication in journals under collaboration, and be donors of humanitarian and peace scholarships dedicated to those affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, organized by STF UIN Jakarta.
Fees: Indonesian institutions Rp. 250k; international institutions $25.
Payment by transfer to Social Trust Fund UIN Syarif Hidayatullah
Bank BNI: 034 989 1614 (Swift Code: BNINIDJAXXX)

On individual abstracts: Mauidlotun Nisa’ (
On panels: Usep Abdul Matin, Ph.D (
Email:;  Website:
Faculty of Arts and Humanities of UIN Jakarta /Fakultas Adab dan Humaniora UIN Jakarta